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Traditional Acupuncture

  • We use pain-free needling technique, so patients only feel tiny pain just when the needle goes through the skin.

  • Acupuncture works on any age.

  • It normally takes 1~3 treatments for acute conditions and 5~10 treatments for chronic diseases.

  • The treatment plan will be twice a week or once a week, depends on the stages.

  • There are risks for the acupuncture treatment. Some patients might have faint needle or allergy. 

  • Most of the extended benefit plans cover the acupuncture treatment.


Let's talk about the problem that is bothering you now, and we can give you a proper treatment suggestions and self care management.


Kid TuiNa

This is traditional manual treatment for kids provided by acupuncturist.

$60 (20min)

Initial Visit

This is your first treatment, including health history intake, diagnose and acupuncture treatment. The whole session takes around 60~75min.

$120 (60min)

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping treatment can help you reduce muscle tension or back stiffness if you don't like using needles. 

$60 (20min)

Following Visit

This is your following treatment based on your treatment plan. You can upgrade to Acu-Massage-cupping combo if you like less needles.

$100 (45min-60min)

Acu-Massage-Cupping Combo

This combines acupuncture treatment with massage or cupping to minimize the needle usage.

$120 (60min)

Package Rate

Acupuncture                           (6 treatments)       $500

Acupuncture                           (10 treatments)      $750

Acupuncture package gives 15~25% off for the treatments. We will recommend patients who need consistent or longer treatments buy the package.

Get the benefit from consistent treatment!

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