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We get those questions a lot. Here are our best answers......

Child therapist

What is the difference between relaxation massage and deep tissue massage?

    Generally, the massage therapist works on more superficial parts of the body during the relaxation massage, which gives patients the feelings like "feel good", "relaxed" or "sleepy". On the other hand, deep tissue massage means that the massage therapist will work on the muscles or structures deeper or closer to the joints, so the purpose of deep tissue massage is to loose tight muscles or increase joint mobility. For most of the massage sessions, it is a combination of relaxation & deep tissue massage.


Should I choose massage or acupuncture?

    Massage and acupuncture work on the human body in different ways. Generally, you can choose either massage therapy or acupuncture for pains, muscles or joint issues, stress, headache and so on. However, acupuncture is a better choice for internal diseases like constipation, fertility, weight control, insomnia, and so on. 

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