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Non-RMT Swedish Massage

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NON-RMT Massage


Scalp Massage

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What you can expect from us

Quick relief

 Our team has years of experience helping patients like you and the improvement shows right after the session, which means you don't need to stand the pain any longer and even lower your treatment cost.

Comfortable treatments with no risks and side effects 

Acupuncture, trigger point release massage and moxa are natural therapies to balance human body, no medicine side-effects or treatment risks. 

You will enjoy and love our trustable treatments.


Flexible treatment arrangement that fits your needs

The clinic opens 7 days a week and evening appointments are available. 

No more struggling while waiting to get help, you can schedule your treatment right away .

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Treatment Procedure


Schedule Your Free Consultation

We'll listen to your concerns and give you the treatment suggestion that woks for your. 


Get Your Treatment

Our friendly and experienced TCM doctor or massage therapist will provide their talent services.


Follow your Treatment Plan

Follow our personalized treatment plan, You start having a healthy & younger body!

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