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Traditional Acupuncture

Package Rate

Acupuncture                           (6 treatments)       $500

Acupuncture                           (10 treatments)      $750

Acupuncture package gives 15~25% off for the treatments. We will recommend patients who need consistent or longer treatments buy the package.

Get the benefit from consistent treatment!


Acupuncture Price


Let's talk about the problem that is bothering you now, and we can give you a proper treatment suggestions and self care management.


Initial Visit

This is your first treatment, including health history intake, diagnose and acupuncture. The whole session takes around 60~75min.

$120 (60min)

Following Visit

This is your following visit based on your treatment plan. You can add cupping or TuiNa massage to the treatment if you like.

$100 (45min-60min)

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping can help you reduce muscle tension or back stiffness if you don't like using needles. It's also good for kids who have back pain or bad body postures.

$60 (20min)

About the Acupuncture

Does it hurt?

We use pain-free needling technique, so patients only feel tiny pain just when the needles go through the skin. After the needles stay in the points, patient won't feel any pain and very relaxed

What is the difference between traditional acupuncture and dry needle? 

People also get acupuncture treatments from physio/chiro which is called "dry needle". Traditional acupuncture has different theory foundation and the experience will be more relaxing and pleasant with stronger healing ability.

Should I try it?

Acupuncture works on any age. Either you are suffering from muscle or joint pain, or you have internal organs disfunction, you can get relief from the treatment. 

Is there any risk?

There are risks for the acupuncture treatment. Some patients might have faint needle or allergy. The chance that needle punches the internal organs/nerves/blood vessels exists, but is rare.

How many treatments do I need?

It normally takes 1~3 treatments for acute conditions and 5~10 treatments for chronic diseases. The treatment plan will be twice a week or once a week, depends on the stages.

Does insurance pay it?

Most of the extended benefit plan covers acupuncture treatment. You can contact your insurance company to confirm the coverage before seeing our acupuncturist.


We do direct billing for most of the insurance companies.

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