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Why do we focus on pain management in Calgary?

We found almost 60~70% of our patients come for pain during our years of practice, especially when the weather changes in a short time which is very typical in Calgary. So we know how horrible life would be if compacted by chronic or acute pain, and how stressful for the patients when those pain comes and goes year after year.

Luckily we have traditional acupuncture which works dramatically well for a majority of pain conditions like headache, neck & shoulder pain, TMJ, lower back pain, sciatica, muscle strain, ankle sprain, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injury, IBS, stomach ache, painful period, carpal tunnel syndrome and so on.

So our blog will give more information about why people suffer from pain, how we treat pain, and the principles behind it. We love to see everyone has a healthier body and happier life.

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