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Registered Massage Therapy

What is
Registered Massage Therapy?

Registered massage therapy is the massage provided by licensed massage therapist and can be billed through the customers' extended benefit.


30min RMT Massage

30min RMT massage is suitable for kids who have any muscle pain.


Cupping Upgrade

Cupping produces fascia release and can relief muscle tension or back stiffness. It's also good for kids who have back pain or bad body postures.


60min RMT Massage

60min massage is for full body.


Hot Stone Upgrade

You will feel more relaxed by adding hot stones to your massage session. Almost 80% of the clients will choose this in the winter season.


90min RMT Massage

90min RMT massage will cover every part of the body, including scalp, foot and hands.


Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology is the massage specifically focused on foot. It is not only helpful for sore leg/ankle/foot, but also for stress, insomnia, high BP or headache.

$115/60min; $135/75min

Use Your Benefit Before It Expires!

Relaxing Massage

We do direct billing for most of the insurance companies.

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